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The Full Story

My name is Kevin Stuart Haynes, and I am running for City Council in the 2021 Ward-22 By-Election. I have been a life-long enthusiast of politics and philosophy, which led me to take up many community-oriented activities. Some of my politically motivated volunteering accomplishments are chairing a youth council for the Federal Government in Don-Valley-North to volunteering for a plethora of candidates at the municipal and federal level. I also volunteered at the constituency office for my local MP in order to understand how a political office works at the highest level. You may have heard about my controversy with Jim Karygiannis. I was part of his election team as a volunteer during the 2018 municipal elections. During that time I was excited about politics and with him being a long-tenured MP he seemed like a good mentor to learn from. Unfortunately, I was wrong. My first job out of the University of Toronto was with Teranet. I was an I.T. Tier 2 in office helpdesk support worker. This experience led him to use my tech experience to help transition his constituency office in Scarborough as the amount of wards were reduced to 25. Once I was onboarded as a constituency assistant and saw the way he ran his ship I developed deep ethical concerns about his personal and political motives. It was a series of concerning conversations that lead me to make the recording which I released to the public via The Toronto Star. You can find that article and some of the horrifying details here:  

I was formally educated in Philosophy at the University of Toronto graduating with honours. After I started to get interested in politics, I took the post-graduate certificate program offered at Seneca called “Government Relations”. This program afforded us the opportunity to see things from a public affairs perspective combined with the political one. We met with executives and directors of large companies such as Manulife and Coca-Cola Canada. This helped me understand the deep relationship that is paramount between governing and business. My combined education in Philosophy and Government Relations turned out to be a very valuable experience. It was my philosophical ethos that inspired me to report Jim Karygiannis to the ethics commissioner, but it was my experience in government relations that gave me an inkling as to where to start.

I was born in Canada at North York General Hospital in march of 1991. My mother and father were both blue collar land surveyors. I did not grow up in luxury, nor poverty. Similar to the diverse background of our community, my mother was a refugee from the former Yugoslavia. She watched in horror as her country was torn apart from within, while the majority of her family remained under duress of open warfare which threatened their homes, livelihoods and lives. After the conflict died down in Lika, Croatia, my grandparents and parents sent me and my sister overseas to meet my maternal grandparents and see what life was like in what was once her home. It was at the age of six I saw the horrors of war, mine fields, countless bullet holes and entire villages empty due to genocide. Canada for me has always been the opposite of that. My paternal grandfather was in the Military during the second world war and his brother served in Africa and Europe. The Canada they fought for does not look like bluster and hate speech. We live in a cultural mosaic with people cooperating from all walks of life from all corners of the world. I want to be your councillor because I believe that you believe it is time someone who aims to be transparent and honest should win this election and hold office. I will not be a loudmouthed pundit shouting for interest groups or public affairs firms, rather, I will shout for the well being of my constituents – the way our body politic intends. Thank you for your support.

-Kevin Haynes