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Fear and the collapse of democracy in America in 2021:

No words, only feelings this morning what a wild ride. A direct attack on democracy. It’s not surprising, it's actually quite shocking and incredible it took this long. These people have had their Nazi hatred satiated by invisible monsters for quite some time. War on drugs, terror, consumerism; distractions; the lot of it. The race riots that took place showed there were cracks in American neo-whatever-the-fuck-you-wanna-call this machine.

Finally we’ve had a president who represented the average american about politics: he truly just doesn’t care. We haven’t been distracted by foreign wars, drug dealer or terrorist boogeymen, communists or competition from places that don’t even know they’re competing. It’s been four years of nothing, and this was the result. Just this short time of nothing to unite America in hatred has led us to the streets, during a pandemic (Which apparently does not exist anymore, for anyone). To fight. Both left, and right. The black lives matter protests took to the streets and showed a scared suburban America the anger that’s been brewing in the cities they’ve been avoiding and letting degrade into warzones. Yes, warzones. There are active warzones in the world I’d rather be than parts of Chicago on a Friday night.

Yesterday, the "left" or everyone who is not part of the branch of the SS that stormed the capital got the reverse of the riots this summer. They saw the fed-up rural America storm America’s capitol hill, with violence, vigour and hatred. Suddenly the phrase “all cops are bad” didn’t seem to hold a drop of water anymore. Funny how that works. All cops are bad, until they’re about to hang democrats, then all of the sudden they "have a duty to protect and serve". Months ago people were hoping for cops to die, calling them fascist pigs (which they are, some of the time) and now the silence is deafening. I am waiting for a democratic politician to talk about police reform with the memory of hiding in their chairs with police and law-enforcement being the only thing keeping them alive fresh in mind. What a job to have; these police. Usually I believe all cops are authoritarian Nazi’s in it themselves, but I truly feel for the profession.

In some sick and twisted fate of history the Nazi pigs are the last remaining force to stop complete anarchy, truly only a copious amount of drugs would make the pictures of this last year make sense to the denizen of the 1950's. Is the cop that shot the women a hero? Now it all depends on who you ask, but there is a very deafening silence when it comes to ideas like "police reform" or "de-escalation" from groups like Black Lives Matter, or the critics of police who wanted them abolished, I would go so far as to say they would have applauded every person during that event yesterday being shot without due process. To the contrary, where was the tear gas, or gross violence we saw during the race riots in the summer? It seems skin tone has a place here. I do not know what the appropriate response to yesterday would have been, but I'm certain it would have been different had it been a different group of people. What a dichotomy. Had the protestors or whatever you want to call them had their way democratic congressmen would have been hung in public. Talk about a blow to your talking points, they just got blown out of the water and had to drink a glass of cold hard reality that sometimes the police help your side as well. What a pill to swallow for those extremists.

It has finally come to fruition: America is divided, and the whoever’s side the cops take will get applause from one side or the other. Shoot a "Conservative"? Cheers, shoot a "liberal"? Cheers. The great fear that everyone seems to ignore is that the police can be liberals and conservatives too, and what if they split? Same with the military. What then, civil war? What an untenably horrible position to be in. Joe Biden has lost this nation before even taking office. I even go so far as to question if democracy has been lost and yesterday was our night of the long knives. Eerie vibes of the Weimar Republic shroud the zeitgeist this morning, the only thing it seems we're missing, is Hitler. It feels weird to type these things, not satirically, but in actuality. We may be watching the break of the union and the American experiment fail right before our eyes.

What is the cause of all of this? How did we get here? Where will this lead? In short: no one really has a fucking clue, and it’s terrifying.

We’ve been had, fleeced, and robbed. There is no “true” anymore. Now I question if there ever was. We revere “newsmen” of the past as if they were Socratic philosophers who would appear on our screens each night and dispel whatever falsehood was taking hold. The fact is, the media has never been good at telling us how to think, but it’s phenomenal at telling us what to think about. These days, it’s starting to cross some sort of weird echo-chamber epistemological Rubicon in which you can tune in, get radicalized to your own satisfaction and tune out. Then broadcast it for the world to see, while telling everyone they're wrong, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Everywhere you go on the internet, it’s just competing truths. Covid-19 is fake, masks don’t help, and the total opposite, all at once and on every subject. It’s maddening. There is no truth anymore, beyond what you see out of your kitchen window, and even then I bet you could find some deranged philosopher who convinces people birds aren’t real.

I was taught to always used read opposing points, then read between the lines. After that endeavour perhaps a grain of truth existed somewhere in that medium. That went right out the fucking window social media turned “opposing points” into a 360 degree endless circle of arguments coming from every direction, on every single subject. It's impossible, we don't have the bandwidth as humans to decide the truth, and I'm sure some A.I. is being developed. An epistemological A.I. truth bot, what a timeline we live in, this is scientific dystopia. This is, and I cannot emphasize this enough, an epistemological crisis. It is a lack of episteme or too much of it, depending on how you want to class it. There is no governing body, no fairness doctrine. The modern media has become some sort of perverted American Civil War. To quote Nathan Bedford Forest: “There is a huge number of complex, high minded theories about how to win a war, but more often than not is simply boils down to getting there the firstest with the mostest” my god that wisdom was prescient.

In today’s world of redactions and mistakes you just make the most bold assumption possible and redact mistakes later. People see false headlines take them as truths and there in lies the issue, no one reads redactions. These slimelord pond-scum media companies have sold their own integrity for a fat paycheque. These news-anchors make millions sitting there giving false information and their worthless opinions from their high towers. Disgusting bunch of treasonous pigs, the lot of them. From Don Lemon to Steve Bannon, they’re all equally guilty. Integrity for a paycheque. Theres's the tagline for your modern Mainstream Media outlet.

Where are we going from here? Honestly, A good war usually goes about settling these types of things, after all even if the worst of em win, at least they get a lesson in humility and there's only one narrative: the victorious. Terrifyingly though, that seems to be where we’re headed.

Scary vibes take over my mind. Breathe. This will sort itself out.

This is what we tell ourselves as we head towards the great cataclysm. We are no longer a neo-liberal or neo-conservative state, but a free radical nation armed to the teeth, easily manipulated and pushed around, like a drunk guy with a gun.

Scary times to be an American, or a citizen of the world. The nation with the largest military might on earth has become deranged, deluded and irrational. To other global leaders it might bare a chuckle, until they realize the nukes are aimed at them too. Fear has fraught the globe with this untenable America. Lets just hope they don’t glass us all in the process.

What’s there to do? We have a Bush-era cabinet who will push the same agenda that brought us to this point and a group of people who will eventually realize Biden isn’t the hero we need him to be. I suppose it’s time to buy camping gear or something, that or a good pair of leather boots to stomp your political opponents head in, because sanity has clearly vacated stage left. Revolution is a word I’ve been avoiding but it seems real. Not the sort of 1969 cultural revolution where free love and anti-war sentiment reigned supreme, no this is the opposite. Americans want blood, on both sides. And somehow I have a feeling they’ll both get their fair share of it.

I guess it's a good time to be a Canadian.

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