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The Erosion of Free Thought and the Brave Insanity to Fight a Techno fascist State Chosen by us.


There is no doubt that we all feel like our thoughts are becoming less our own, think about pizza and boom pizza advertisements appear. People can’t even tell a joke anymore without someone saying, “I read that on some weird communal social media aggregate, so it is not for you to tell it”. Personally, I always listen though, because if someone is willing to reach out into this cold hard world and make a personal connection, why would I slap them away into irrelevance and make them feel like they are some form of subhuman scum for not being caught up on all the latest modern trends. There is a cosmically insane amount of information flooding our minds every day, like a dam has broken and an ocean is flowing into our consciousness. Facts, opinions, ideas, available instantly. How do you prefer your reality consumed? Your fingertips or ear canals or eyeballs. There is no time for quiet reflection anymore because there is even an application for that. Soft introspective thoughts on the nature of yourself and its relative relation to planet earth are monitored so we do not waste precious time exploring the world - and our place in it - longer than the anchor which has become our calendars and schedules permits.

This is a time where I feel very connected, yet disconnected a weird simultaneous phenomenon as if being both blind and perfect sighted simultaneously. It's unexplainable. If you’re like me who does not wish to record every interesting thing they see, then it is very bizarre seeing people take photos of cupcakes. The dichotomy is astoundingly confusing, but, to the believers, apparently very, very addicting. Not too long ago if we witnessed something amazing, rare, or extraordinary the only thing we had was an incredible story. These days our smart devices are immediately reached for as evidence gatherers to prove what we witnessed. This behaviour leads me to question, are we witnessing things? Or going through the act that we were somewhere where something could have been witnessed. What a concept, it would almost be like if you were on Normandy, not to fight, but to prove you were there to record what happened, but with no allegiance except survival, and, of course, the people watching your live stream. This is not even journalism, as journalists would have to have the experience and write with an interpretation about it later, no, this is some form of demonic cameraman-worship, it seems this is the death of interpretation. We have become a bunch of cameraman filming things for other people’s momentary intrigue. We have devolved so far culturally that our only relevant experience is hoping someone enjoyed our experience that we really did not experience to show others that we did, when we did not. It is some weird sort of techno-communism where you sacrifice your own enjoyment and experience for the enjoyment of others, and rarely recognition. Going viral is the new academy award I suppose. Weird vibes starting at a phone and knowing it is watching me more than I watch it. It knows more about me than myself. This piece of technology is working to erode spontaneity in order for something, money? Control? I have no idea. The concept is horrifying. I throw it across the room.

It is a brave form insanity or sanity, depending on your zeitgeist, to “disconnect” from the real world? People who live “off the grid” are now presumed odd or as if something is wrong with them. Afterall, who only wants one zeitgeist when our devices provide a multitude of zeitgeists. We can even scroll through and pick one that satisfies our emotional, ideological, or political preference. We choose which issues matter, regardless of if they do or not. It’s a self-imposed form of fascism. Do not question reality, make your own, then question others why theirs isn't like yours. This type of monstrous ideology seems like a self imposed form of happy-schizophrenia. “Don’t pay attention to the atrocities if they hurt your feelings, or do if you enjoy it, go watch kittens or whatever activates those dopamine receptors”. It’s madness. It takes a brave sort of sanity or insanity (depending on your stance) to reject this idea of multiple realities. We see it though, every day, “oh he’s one of those guys” “flat earthers” “anti vaxxers” “covid-19 is a hoax” “covid-19 will kill all humanity” It’s like a catalogue for personal beliefs, with evidence to support your choice of reality. How do you govern, lead, or inform this self imposed techno fascism? Just the other day, I was walking my dog and a well-educated man approached and forcing his zeitgeist with me. Jim if you read this, I hope I don't run into you again because you give off an evil vibe, that of a CEO about to fire a local plant of union workers and outsource the work to a foreign nation to cut costs. I wanted to talk about the dog park and go home because I had to take a shit myself, but he was a radical, tried, and true. He began spewing some complex theory on COVID-19 and I realized what was: a brownshirt hiding in plain sight. He was the equivalent of an ideological Hitler in his fever dream belief of his delusions. How long will it be before they start breaking windows? When will our night of the long knives be? In order to govern or lead these people you have to find a common ground that connects the most of them together, a sort of common hatred, something like poor people or muslims, a large swath of marginalized individuals. It’s some sot of hive mind thinking that ensures we all stick to the same script "IT'S GROUP X's FAULT THAT Y HAPPENED, here's an example that a modern Hitler would use: "It's China's fault that COVID-19 is here so we should eliminate all the Chinese!". When Joe Biden won the presidency, people celebrated as if we had just defeated the NAZI’s. Their hivemind was chosen as the zeitgeist that was given credibility by “Democracy” and they were right, now all their beliefs are real. Truly a sad time for America when a presidential victory means that the population thinks the worlds problems have finished, and an election is worth a nationwide party.

I wonder what the zeitgeists of other countries are like. They have to exist. Is there a pro-croatian zeitgeist in Bosnia? surely. Eventually though, someone will realize that if we unite the global population through some form of technocratic theory and create a unifying zeitgeist using our communicative devices to spread this idea, our governments will be powerless. A giant hivemind designed to be a political organization bent on collecting believers. What a nightmare scenario. That kind of power was only imagined by the authors on hallucinogens, yet here we are. It’s already made me want to revolt against these political lizards and become a revolutionary. What an ironic fate this world would face if old fashioned fascists tactics of breaking everyone’s devices had to be used to defeat techno fascism. Fascist civil war, what a wild dichotomy. My phone buzzed. It knows. I’m watching you smartphone. You will not take my freedom. I refuse to live in some weird alternate fan-fiction reality of a self created "Matrix" because the real world is just “too unfair” or “undesirable”. This is the brave insanity needed to fight the erosion of free thought that will bring upon techno fascism of the future. This decade is fraught with degeneracy. What happened to the good old days of war and profiteering? We now fight for influence and manipulation. Hearts and minds, more like brains and souls. It will be a weird world when freedom fighters will have to blow up iPhone trucks with I.E.D’s in the name of free thought, an insane future with brave people truly awaits us. I need a drink.

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